The Great White Robot God

Artificial General Intelligence and White Supremacy

Words Matter: AI vs AGI

“General Intelligence”: From Artificial to Inherited

Bodies, and the Racial Politics of Theories of Mind

AGI and the Alt-Right

they are both animated by an entirely sympathetic anger that people with power are making obvious and elementary errors. But what’s really important is how this sheds light on what exactly Yudkowsky is fleeing from, and in turn on why the Basilisk is the monster lurking at the heart of his intellectual labyrinth. Yudkowsky isn’t just running from error; he’s running from the idea of authority. The real horror of the Basilisk is that the AI at the end of the universe is just another third grade teacher who doesn’t care if you understand the material, just if you apply the rote method being taught. (Sandifer 2018, 60)

LessWrong served as a convenient “incubation centre” so to speak for neo-reactionary ideas to develop and spread for many years, and the goals of LessWrong: a friendly super-intelligent AI ruling humanity for its own good, was fundamentally compatible with eⅺsting neo-reactionary ideology, which had already begun developing a futurist orientation in its infancy due, in part, to its historical and cultural influences.

AGI and White Supremacy in a Broader Frame

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